Stratford Land, which operates through a series of closed-end private equity funds, is a leading land investment manager that has been providing innovative solutions for its investors since 1981. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the company proactively identifies, acquires, and manages a diversified portfolio of unimproved land holdings in strategic locations. As a leader in the land community and a pioneer in the land investment management business, Stratford's approach brings together proven expertise and leadership in investment origination, site selection, transaction structuring, entitlement enhancement, and exit strategy planning. In its work, Stratford always seeks to secure entitlements in a way that leaves the community satisfied with the result. Stratford’s vertically integrated organization provides acquisition, land planning, entitlement, asset management, accounting, legal, and reporting services in-house, which imparts efficiency, control, and agility in repositioning land to its highest and best use.

RIVERPORT is a trademark of RiverPort Trademark, LLC used with permission by Stratford Land.

Stratford Land's strategic partners share its commitment to excellence, knowledge, and integrity and have played an integral role in preparing the Riverport Property for its best use.



   Phase One now available.
Business Park / Industrial: 912-622-8009
Commercial / Mixed Use Park: 843-681-9681